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Hello, and welcome to my brand new blog,!

Those of you who know me will know that I have blogged in the past, but that I only wrote the occasional post on disability related issues. One of my 2017 resolutions (more about these in an imminent post) is to write more. This has been my New Year’s resolution for the past few years but I’m yet to successfully keep it. Since I finished uni in the summer, I’ve realised that I really do miss writing. Even writing notes for an essay would give me a buzz, and now that I don’t have any more essays to write, I decided that it was time to get that thrill from writing something new.

By starting, I want to keep on writing about disability issues, but to give myself more freedom in what I write about too. I want to share bits and pieces from my everyday life and write about my other passions. I am by my own admission a massive geek! I love to get excited about sociological issues, and about live music, films, TV and books. I’m hoping that by writing all about my life and loves, rather than solely about disability, I will be motivated to write more often and that I will start to worry less about finding exactly the right words.

To begin, here is a little bit about me:

I’m 23 years old and I graduated from Northumbria University in the summer with a degree in Sociology. I’m an activist and I’ve been campaigning to improve the lives of disabled people since I was 13. In February 2017, I will be moving to Brussels for 9 months to do a European Voluntary Service term with ENIL- the European Network on Independent Living. I feel very privileged that my first full time role will be in campaigning for the rights of disabled people. I’ll be using this blog to update everyone about my experience in Brussels so watch this space!

I love listening to music and spoken word, so the radio and podcasts are my daily companions. I’m never happier than when I watch live music so I try and get to as many gigs as I can. I have a long-running obsession with the band McFly (currently 11 years and 19 shows strong!) but I’m also loving Coldplay and Bastille right now. I enjoy a bit of Youtube but I only watch a few channels and if I you asked me about any of the big stars I would probably look a bit clueless. I try and keep up with TV, but I think my attention span is getting shorter as I keep retreating to easy watches on Netflix. I will however, always make time for Doctor Who, my second obsession! I want to read more this year and I’m also brushing up on my French to get ready for moving abroad!

So, that’s me in a nutshell. We’ll find out more about each other in the coming months. Please feel free to comment, tweet me @rebecca_15. I hope you will enjoy reading this blog as much as I enjoy writing it and that you have a Happy New Year!

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